Chiropractic is a recognized and proven natural method of relieving back pain,  neck pain and headaches. For over 25 years, registered Oldham Chiropractor Adam Wilkey has provided, professional health care in the Oldham and Manchester regions with the central focus being on individual care and well being.
With the wealth of accumulated clinical experience and working with  experts in pain relief and functional medicine from all over the world, he has encountered every conceivable type of injury. Using techniques developed and refined over the years he will assist you in reducing your pain, improving your function and your confidence.
Having an established Chiropractic presence in both Oldham (Chadderton, Greater Manchester) and North Manchester (Whitefield but very close to neighbouring Prestwich)  has ensured that professional Chiropractic care can be given across the Greater Manchester region – from Saddleworth to Salford, Ashton under Lyne to Trafford and Mossley to Bury. Adam Wilkey Chiropractor has the whole region covered.
Adam employs various types of hands-on manipulation and other natural methods of treatment to help you overcome your aches and pains, avoiding the unnecessary use of medication.  Some common conditions that respond well to treatment include back pain, neck pain, headaches, sports injuries and pains in the arms and legs. Our aim is to get you well as quickly as possible and teach you how to stay well.  Following your consultation you will be told what is wrong and the best way to help you recover.  Treatment usually starts  immediately.  Sometimes more tests (x-rays, scans, etc) may be needed for a complete diagnosis, in which case you will be referred quickly.
If you feel you have a problem that could respond to chiropractic treatment but have questions regarding any aspect of the care we provide, please feel free to call Sue Everson or speak to Adam directly.
We are always happy to give advice regarding your condition and how treatment may benefit. Don’t leave it until it is too late, call now on 0333 600 65 65 and start feeling the benefits of Adam’s professional Chiropractic help. Our fees are covered by the major medical insurance companies.