Monthly Archives: November 2013

Sitting Can Seriously Damage Your Health

For those of us suffering with back and neck pain there is an appreciation that sitting for a long time often increases our aches and pains.  The spine is placed in a stressful position increasing joint stresses causing muscles to  tighten resulting in stiffness and pain.  But did you know that prolonged sitting is also bad for […]

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Your Superhighway to Health

Some people think chiropractic is just about ‘cracking’ backs.   Hold it right there!   There is so much more. The back to be ‘adjusted’ houses the information superhighway of the human body. This neural pathway  influences every aspect of our being.  Find out about your superhighway to health in our newsletter…. newsletter october 2013

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Being a grandad

I hear that the status of ‘grandadhood’ has some distinct advantages over fatherhood.  I am repeatedly told that the offspring are not directly yours, therefore after a short while, or longer if you’re up to it, they can be returned to parents who will do all the ‘bad bits.  Having six children we understand about […]

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