Hip, Knee & Foot Pain

Accidents, arthritis, poor posture and sporting injuries can all be responsible for damaging the joints and muscles of the leg. Sometimes our jobs, the shoes we wear, the position in which we sit and the way we exercise places additional strain on our hips, knees and feet making them more susceptible to injury and pain.

Not all leg pain is the result of injury to the tissues within the leg. For example sciatica is often experienced as a pain in the back of the thigh mimicking and often mis-diagnosed as an injury to the hamstring muscles. Sciatic pain can actually extend all the way into the ankle and foot. The pain of an arthritic hip is often experienced in the groin, front of the thigh, knee and sometimes into the shin. In some cases the majority of pain is felt only in the knee.

Problems affecting your feet and legs can also have a knock-on effect causing secondary or compensatory problems in the spine and pelvis.

Conditions such as fallen arches or flat feet can be responsible for back and neck pains and even headaches.

To determine precisely where your pain is stemming from it is important to have a thorough examination of all relevant areas. Following this assessment we will have an understanding of the cause(s) of your pain and what is going to be the most effective method of treatment.

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