The Castle to Castle Challenge : Day 3

The Castle to Castle challenge

In aid of World Spine Care


John ‘the Shoes’ Andrew

Dan ‘Versace’ Everson

Pro Paul ‘the Mechanic’ Newell

‘Who needs to train’ Jonathan Pollentine

Adam ‘True Grit’ Quesne

‘Liahona’ Mike Siswick

Ben ‘the Fixer’ Tomlinson

Adam ‘I nearly booked the hotel’ Wilkey

and introducing, ‘King Louis of the mountains’ Wilkey


(Read about day 1 here and 2 here)

Day 3. Bring out the bunting.

A minor alteration in course to account for our new start point was all that was required to set us on our cold and drizzly way.  Long and flat was basically how I had sold the journey, particularly this leg, and to start with we weren’t disappointed.  We were surprised to see our road blocked on reaching North Allerton where flags, gazeboes and bunting abounded whilst the swollen populace milled around the streets in their raincoats.  Were they really out to cheer us on?  Had the media seen the posts of Melanie on Facebook applauding and building her super hero husband (Adam ‘True Grit’) and brought the film crews out to interview us on our epic journey?  Not quite.  We had stumbled across the route of the Tour de Yorkshire, which we were to roughly follow for the next 50 miles or so.  We did get a few odd stares which communicated their astonishment at our rather rag tag appearance… we let Versace Dan lead the way, he looked the part.

The problem was that on the map it looked like we skirted the North Yorkshire Moors.  The roads actually decided on a different route and decided to present us with many, many, many hills.  But of course having trained in the Peninnes of West Yorkshire they were mere pimples upon the landscape for us.  It would seem we had stumbled across the training route for many of the elite cyclists and an important test for those involved in the TdY.  Enter King Louis of the Mountains.  Resembling the stature of a scarecrow with most of its stuffing removed by broody crows he was perfectly built for ‘mashing’ those hills to pieces, a feat he seemed to be able to perform with sickening regularity.  Us heavy guys got him on the way down tho’!

Pro Paul the Mechanic was worth his weight in gold.  He pace-made and repaired along the route keeping us going with Liahona Mike providing guidance and pulling us along.  It was a long way across not so flat terrain that tested our endurance and by the time we were heading to Beverley there were some very tired legs.  True Grit had been flagging for a while but would he quit?  Having been bolstered by his new superhero status and having made the mental decision to ‘do it’, that’s just what he did, wobbly legs and all.

This time the Travelodge did have our reservations and even gave us an extra room without charge, although when the ‘Liahona’ was woken at 3am by a stranger with the same last name as John ‘the Shoes’ we guessed that our room assignment may have been an error.  This time there were baths and showers and a quick walk to a world buffet, which although not great provided us with the sustenance needed for the final day.