Pregnancy, Babies & Children

Pregnancy, infancy and childhood are time for us to cherish, but they are also periods during which our body is placed under stresses through unusual weight gain, childbirth or the rough and tumble of growing up.


Sometimes the initial excitement and elation we experience at becoming pregnant is lessened by the presence of aches and pains in your back, pelvis or neck. Later in pregnancy ligaments start to slacken to help with the birth process.

A combination of a larger tummy, changing posture and softening ligaments can cause low back and pelvic pain.

Using gentle massage, manipulation, and mobilisation chiropractors are able to help relieve the pain. Even many suffering the effects of pubic symphysis dysfunction can gain relief and benefit from chiropractic care, allowing you to more fully enjoy your pregnancy.

Birth and the baby

We all understand the ordeal that childbirth can be for a mother, but often we don’t realise the trauma placed upon a baby. Violent contractions of the uterus squeeze the baby through the birth channel, sometimes with assistance from a pair of hands or instruments. This process can injure muscles, nerves and the developing joints of the spine which may cause areas of irritation and pain.

Growing children

As children grow and play they are prone to falls and tumbles which may injure the joints and muscles. Just like adults there are many children that suffer back and neck pain, often with no apparent cause. It is believed that children who suffer are more likely to experience pain as adults, especially if the pain is severe and keeps returning.

Gentle chiropractic care can help reduce aches and pains from injuries and other causes.

Exercise for children

Exercise is an essential part of a child’s physical, mental and neurological development, as well as their future health. Prolonged periods of sitting and inactivity have been shown to contribute to the onset of aches and pains and may also play a role in developmental delay.

Walking, swimming, going to the park or playing football (amongst other things) can all benefit your child’s health and may also benefit your own health